Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Girl's Birthday Party in Scandinavian Style

I just love it when I run across a mom that is creative, inspiring and thinks outside the box.

Case in point, this adorable Scandinavian inspired birthday party!

When Violet turned eight,  her mom invited all the second grade girls to a Scandinavian brunch,
 complete with traditional Dala Horses.

Second grade girls are definitely big enough to use real silverware and drink from goblets.
Avoiding paper products is eco-friendly and definitely Scandinavian!
So much nicer, too, don't you think?

Brunch consisted of Swedish Pancakes with fresh berries, Lingonberry Butter and bacon.  
A squeeze of lemon is also very Scandinavian.

A traditional celebration cake was a show-stopper with layers of cake, fresh whipped cream, fresh berries and mint.

Oh, so delicious!

Beautifully wrapped party favors awaited guests.

Inside, a useful Dala Horse Cookie Cutter!

Can't wait to use ours!

Happy Birthday, Violet!

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