Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I Vote

It's election day.  Did you vote?  I did. And for the first time ever, I actually did some research.  I looked up information on those running for County Offices, City Offices and Judges.  You know, that long list of offices that follow the presidential candidates, the senatorial candidates and the state representative candidates? That list that contains people of whom you have never heard?  I looked them up.  I even printed out the long versions of the proposed constitutional amendments along with commentary on how they might affect our lives.

So why do I suddenly care so much?  Why, having voted in every major election since I was 18, am I actually doing my homework?  It's because I had an epiphany.  As I watch this country shift away from the roots of its founding fathers, I am reminded of the Israelites.  In the early days, they had no king, only judges.  As they looked at the countries around them, they became dissatisfied and demanded a king. They wanted to be like the nations that surrounded them. God granted them a king, but it came at a price.  Wanting to be like other nations cost Israel the burden of greater taxes and it limited their freedom.

I vote, not because it's a privilege.  I vote note because it's a right.  I vote because it's my duty. Thomas Jefferson said, "We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate." If we choose apathy, we might just get our just desserts. Now get out and vote so I can get back to baking cupcakes!


  1. I do research too and vote across the aisle more than once during big election. It's different when you get to know local candidates and you know why they are running. Plus, a lot of times local candidates don't get the backing of their own party because a good ole boy has been around longer. So it's critical to know why you are voting for each person. Just because they are wearing the same color t-shirt does not mean they will have the same vision for your city, region or nation.

    Yay for being an educated voter!!