Saturday, May 19, 2012

Glimpses Week 19 | Field Day

Water Balloons, Shaving Cream, Tug of War, Popsicles .... A whole school day dedicated to fun.  Did you ever have "Field Day" as a kid?  I never did.  We had "Track and Field Day" which was a serious, grade school olympic-type competition, but never a complete "fun" field day.  Track and Field Day came with mandatory participation.  I tried to avoid any event that involved running.  Instead, I somehow managed to break the girl's grade school record on my first ever attempt at a discus throw.  Beginners Luck I tell you!  I guess I have more strength than speed. It's the only Track and Field medal I have ever received.  I have no desire to ever try it again.

In case you are wondering who ended up winning the Tug of War pictured here, it was Arielle's team.  Of course, after winning, she immediately joined the losers in the shaving cream pile up.  I'm so glad that sort of thing is fun when you're only four feet tall!

I'm posting this picture with other glimpses of everyday life at  Chic Critique's Glimpses Project!


  1. go arielle! i see she's one of the few left standing- and kudos to your discus throw glory.

  2. I love the expressions on all of the kids' faces on this picture! My daughter's school had field day on Friday, it was so much fun. They enlist help from many parents, which makes it fun for us, too!