Sunday, May 13, 2012

Glimpses Week 18 | The Fishing Tournament

I'm a week behind - getting this photo posted just minutes before the Week 18 Glimpses Project closes over at Chic Critique Forum!   So one of these weeks, I'm going to get my act together and you'll see two photos posted in the same week.  One of these weeks.... but maybe not anytime soon!

I'm also limited to photos I've taken with my iPhone, since I'm visiting my mom for Mother's Day!  (I brought the big girl camera, but I forgot the computer adaptor!)

So here's a photo I snapped just today as the family (minus myself and my baby) were pulling into the dock during our neighborhood fishing tournament.

Can I just take this time to insert that this is just one more reason why I love my (7-year old) baby, Ella?  She doesn't like to get up at 5AM to fish!  What's a mom to do?  I'm just forced to stay home with her and sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast while watching the Pioneer Woman on Saturday morning.  It's simply my motherly duty!

We did, however, welcome the fisherpersons at the dock at noon, as well as take advantage of the free hotdogs.

The gang came home with three trophies:  2nd place for biggest catch for Samuel (Ages 11 - 17), 2nd place for biggest catch for Arielle (Ages 10 and under) and (drum roll, please!).... First place for Biggest Catch for The Hubby (Adult Category).  

I am so glad I could be there to cheer them on!  Have a Great Weekend!


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