Saturday, April 28, 2012

Glimpses Week 17 | It's the Weekend

It's the weekend. Can I just go ahead and shout out a Woo-Hoo?  It's not that I'm celebrating the passing of time, it's that I'm celebrating the survival of time!

Here's how my week panned out.

Monday.  Before the dawn had barely broken, I was forced to face two of my irrational fears:  Running out of gas, and getting stuck in a car wash.  From the first fear, I was delivered.  My prayers to heaven were answered as I coasted into a gas station after realizing that, at some point during my shuttling of four kids to a seemingly endless number of places, my empty light had turned on.  Whoever designed a car who's only reaction to an empty tank is the illumination of a teeny tiny pinpoint of light was obviously not a mother of school aged children who rarely has time to squeeze in a pedicure, let along keep the gas tank full.  I might not have been so worried except that, guiltily, I have run out of gas before - exactly 200 yards before reaching the filling station.

My second irrational fear I was forced to face:  Getting stuck in a car wash. Don't ask me how it happened.  My only explanation is one similar to the time I turned 12.  After months of begging for a cool job that paid more than a dollar a day, my dad let me mow the lawn for the first time. He warned me, however, to always wear shoes. "You don't want your toes to get cut off by the mower!"  After hearing those words, I could never help but to feel my toes being sucked under the mower by some strange self-fulfilling force.  Long story short, my tire was on the car wash conveyer belt enough to pull me in, but not enough to pull me through the car wash.  After the cycle had finished, I was able to carefully back my soapy care out of the wash and get a new code.  Fear faced and conquered.  Enough said.

Tuesday.  I began teaching a series of five 1/2 day photography classes:  one to a Mom's group at our church, and four to a lucky handful of middle schoolers for their spring Interim class.  The week turned out to be hectic, but fun, and I was impressed with the interest and sincerity of the kids.  One of my assignments was a self-portrait, so here's mine!  It's in the mirror of Mr. Leetch, the science teachers' motorcycle.  When I downloaded all the kids' photos, I noticed lots of pictures of Mr. Leetch's bike:  self portraits, students sitting on the seat pretending to drive, students sitting on the bike giving attitude..... I swear, I did not endorse that, Mr. Leetch!   I plea ignorance!

Friday.  After a month of various ailments including a sinus infection and strep throat, I finally gave in to my downward spiral and went to the doctor yet again!  (Do you have an opening after 3:45 PM?  It's the only break in my schedule!) Apparently, after 13 years of living in Atlanta, my body finally gave in to the extreme crazy pollen counts and I walked out with a breathing treatments and two inhalers!  I guess the week of outdoor photography classes didn't help much, either. 

Saturday.  On the bright side, I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better today!

Hope you are all having a great weekend, too!  I'm linking up this slice of life to Chic Critique's Glimpses Project.

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