Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glimpses Week 14 | Our Week at the Beach

10 Significant or Insignificant Things that Happened 
While We Were at the Beach this Week:

  1. Caught up in the river of cars that flows out of Atlanta on I-75 during spring break, it took us three hours to drive our first 55 miles.
  2. When we pulled into the parking lot of grandma and grandpa's beachfront condo and smelled the salty surf, we immediately forgot about our 12 hour commute.
  3. Melancholy set in when I realized that this was the first year I hadn't packed matching outfits for the three girls.  They packed their own suitcases!
  4. Catching geckos and chameleons occupied all the trips to and from the pool and beach.
  5. I said no to my baby riding a WaveRunner in the ocean.
  6. My husband took her anyway. She liked it.  The dolphins followed in their wake!
  7. Samuel passed his boating license this year and got to rent his own WaveRunner.  He smiled liked the Cheshire cat and I was sure I would never see him again.
  8. We waited in line for 45 minutes at The Royal Scoop for ice cream and nobody complained.  Nobody, that is, except my husband.  It cost $28.
  9. On the trip home, we stopped at Pizza Hut in Valdosta.  They were out of large pizzas.  And pepperoni.
  10. Our friend Mary, who has been in hospice for the past two weeks, decided she is not going to die right now and is back to negotiating real estate transactions.  We think it's an answer to prayers.
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  1. #1- hate that when it happens. i would have stewed for the next 9 hours.
    #4- did you know zack has a pet gecko? he'd love this place.
    #6- lol!
    #7- to commiserate, william said two jamba juices and two pretzels put him back $30.
    #10- oh my! that's so wonderful!

  2. we had this same shot this week!! haha... love it! and that green is so fun!

  3. Love this post. This image is great.