Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday Night Lights

If you're a High School Football player, your games are referred to as Friday Night Lights. But if you sit at the top of the middle school pack, Saturday Night is yours. I have to admit, there's something magical about watching a game under the lights. The air is crisper, the crowds are louder...... OK, so maybe 8th grade doesn't pack out the stands, but the fans are just as loyal. I remember two years ago thinking how HUGE the eighth graders seemed next to the sixth graders who were only five feet tall and 80 pounds. By eighth grade, you feel like you're watching a real game. The talent is emerging. The plays come together.  The quarterback can throw a long pass, the kicker can reach the goals.

My boy is on the field.  You can't see him, but he's white, number 55.  Number 55 was his dad's lucky number.  My boy hand picked that number.  He loves his dad.  My man is on the field, too.  He's in a white shirt and khaki shorts.  Go figure.

My boy's on the offensive line.  He's the one that keeps the opponents at bay so that the really fast guy can break away.

He's going....... going........

..... and just like that, the fast guy is down field for a touch down.  
Don't ask me any more questions.  
That's all I know.

Except for this.  Cheerleaders doing push-ups is a good thing.

The girls love to come to the games.  They get to stay up really late.

They always pay attention to the game and they never miss important plays taking silly pictures with my iPhone!

These are the middle school cheerleaders performing at half time.  

 Oh, and they don't call them cheerleaders any more. 
They are the Agility Team.

I might be old, but I'm pretty sure our cheerleaders weren't doing this in middle school!

A coach's wrap up paves the way for another week.  
This is The South.  Football (and cheerleading!) is serious business!

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