Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Day in Pictures

Because I Heart Faces is on vacation this week, and because, as of this weekend, I am officially a football widow until sometime into the year 2012 and because I was sick for five whole days this week and didn't even bake anything, I have decided to post my Saturday in pictures. Trust me. It will make you feel better about yourself.

Next week's I Heart Faces theme is "Back to School". Since it's a long weekend, I thought I would take a few moments to work ahead. My kids were so excited with the opportunity to put on their school uniforms on a Saturday morning. Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? The bribe payout comes later in the day.

For the Back To School theme, I wanted to do something with apples. Check back next Sunday to see what I posted!

After my self-imposed photo torture of the kids, I ran a few errands and discovered that, in the console of my car, a packet of Chick-fil-A Polynesian Sauce had sprung a leak.  I have no idea how long it had been there or how it got there in the first place. This delicious sauce consists of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Red Dye #5.  It wasn't pretty.

After the not-so-pretty Polynesian Sauce episode, I forced myself to beautify my feet with a long overdue pedicure. I think the obsession with perfect toes is largely a southern thing. In my northern life, I got maybe two pedicures:  One before my wedding, and one before I gave birth.  The second pedicure was out of necessity. Not only did my feet swell to a size 10, I found I also could not bend over and reach my toes.  Since my toes might actually be exposed in the hospital, I decided that they should look good.  Other than that, my feet stayed safely hidden beneath socks, shoes, and sometimes Sorrels.  When we moved to The South, I did not even own a pair of sandals.  

In The South, however, toes might be exposed on any given day of the year, with the exception of the two certifiable weeks of winter that happen sometime during January.  Because of my lack of Nail Spa training, I now find it difficult to relax in a massage chair for an hour while somebody rubs my feet.  I know, it's an illness.  I'd rather be doing laundry.

After an hour of soaking, sloughing and waiting for paint to dry, my pretty toes and I returned home to the inevitable. The College Football Opener marks the end of my ability to watch anything food related on the weekends.  I know you can't make out the uniforms, but the above photo is a picture of the Gophers losing to USC.  All the enchiladas and tacos in the world can't bring back a loss. It could be a long season.

On the bright side, Samuel's 8th grade football team now gets the Saturday Night Lights slot.  By the time we get to the stands at 7PM, it had cooled off to a nice, cool 89 degrees.  During his one-hour pre-game warm-up, however, I stayed home and watched a TiVo'd Pioneer Woman with the girls.  My girls now want to live on a farm, ride horses and be home schooled.  We are not moving to Oklahoma.

On the way to the big 8th grade game, we schedule a quick stop at QuickTrip for the promised cold, slushie drinks that got the kids into their school uniforms this morning. Of course, with three girls, no trip is ever a quick trip! The cold refreshments did make the game a little more interesting, however, for three ten and under girls who were more interested in snacks, acrobatic cheerleaders and watching the people behind them in the stands than they were in actually watching the game.  Or maybe that was just the sugar taking effect.

There's Samuel, # 55, on the sidelines.  The offense didn't play much this game.  Every time they got the ball, they scored.

First quarter score: 22-0.

Half-Time score:  35-0.

Final Score:  43-0.

Here's the happy campers with our friend, Lance.  Lance's son, Derek Rackley, played for the Minnesota Gophers, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Seattle Seahawks. He is currently a sports announcer for The Big Ten Network.  Lance comes to all of Samuel's games.  We're thinking about including him in our family Christmas card photo this year.

Victory - a great way to end a day!


  1. I thought I was the only one who HATED pedicures. I do live up North in Mass and have actually made a practice of buying summer shoes that cover my toes! I got one before all deliveries too - no for my wedding though. :)


  2. Didn't know you were sick! I would have brought over some chicken soup, which I'm sure you would have loved downing in your 90ยบ weather... who took care of you?

    Glad you're feeling better. Love the feel of your photos.