Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super Easy Pool Party Ideas

As this coming year's room mom, I had the opportunity, recently, to host a Back To School Pool Party for the entire first  grade!  Maybe it was the lazy days of summer lingering, but I managed to pull off this event without cooking, baking or cleaning!  Yeah, me!

A few simple details, I believe, is all it takes to make a party feel festive.  Here were a few of mine:

A simple, colorful banner hung near the food table. 
 I printed one letter per page using American Typewriter font, 500 pt.  
It read, "Dive Into First Grade" ........

"Back to School Splash!"

Is it really time to go back to school?  Have you SEEN the thermometer?
I used a hole punch and metal fasteners to string the letters together.
A little back-up duct tape helped, too!

Colorful tablecloths were topped with coordinating plastic pails.
Keeping with the water theme, this one held individual packages of Goldfish.

This bucket contained "Lifesavers", "Swedish Fish", and everyone's favorite, "Krabby Patties."

This third bucket held Cheetos  - just because we love them!

The rest of the food was ready made - a veggie tray, pizza and brownie bites.

I don't know how many of my posts have included Costco Brownie Bites.
They are just so versatile and the perfect finger dessert!

If you're not serving tropical drinks, how about tropical, umbrella-topped brownies?

Your guests will have a swimming good time!


  1. anything topped with umbrellas = festive fun!

    once again wishing you were one of my kid's class mom!!!!

  2. lovely pictures and ideas . Wow need to plan a party for my kid and will be of great help. Thanks