Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Father's Day Krabby Patty Brownie Bites

I was initially inspired by these super fabulous Father's Day Treats:

The Grillin' Brownies at Family Fun

And these Fast Food Fun Baskets at Bakerella.

But sometimes a girl just needs to keep it ......... simple!

When pressed for time for the second grade Father's Day Event, I pulled these together:

Store Bought Brownie Bites
topped with
"Bun" colored icing
topped with
"Sesame Seed" nonpareils
topped with
Gummy Krabby Patties

I think even Spongebob would agree that sometimes..... Simple is Good!

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  1. Too cute! My boys would love these!

  2. Those are adorable and I love that they're so simple to make!

  3. Sponge Bob! YAY! Are sending a hidden message? "Crabby Patty" HA!

  4. Very cute....We'd love to see you at our Monday Link Up over at!