Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Candy Wrappers

These little Valentines are both cute and delicious!  They fall under the category of what I call "Copy Machine Crafts."  No artistic skill needed.  Seriously.  The kids and I have actually used this idea for a few years now, but each year they look forward to their updated version - not to mention giving AND receiving an entire Hershey's chocolate bar!

First, start with a favorite photo.  I like to convert mine to black and white so the photo doesn't compete with  the fun scrapbook paper.

Next, cut around the image like this.

Find some adorable scrapbook paper and cut one 6" x 6" square for each unique Valentine.

Tape or glue the photo to the paper just off center.

Next, add the desired message and tape or glue that on as well.
Now, run these mock-ups through your color copier.  
(Did you really think I was going to make 100 of these?)

Trim the paper to the size of the wrapper and tape the wrapper around a Hershey's Chocolate bar.  Use double sided tape or use an address label which can also be printed with the recipient's name.

Someday I'll become technically advanced and learn how to create all of this on some ingenious computer program, but for now, my old faithful copy machine remains my friend.

Now aren't these better than a box of Conversation Hearts?

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