Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowmen Milk Bottles

How cute are these?  These Snowmen Milk Bottles were inspired by some I saw at the Better Homes and Garden website.  Of course, since I had to make 35 of them, I found ways to simplify the craft for the purpose of mass production!

I started with these mini water bottles from Costco.  The labels came off easily and left no gluey residue. The hard part was figuring out what to do with all the water!  Since I had determined that I did not want to wash all the bottles, I would only let the family pour the water out.  Since my husband was determined that we were not going to waste any bottled water, I had to be creative.  We made lemonade, iced tea and hot chocolate.  In the end, I poured the last three bottles of water into a giant glass and drank it right before going to bed.  (Not the best idea!)

Once the hard part was out of the way (getting rid of the water), the fun part began.  I bought bags of assorted buttons at JoAnn's Fabric and Crafts and  glued two to each bottle using a low-temperature hot glue gun. (Didn't want the bottles to spring a leak!)

Next, I cut 12" x 1" lengths of brightly colored fleece and fringed the ends for the scarf.

After I tied and fluffed the scarf, I put a dot of glue between the two scarf layers to keep them in place.

Using a wooden skewer, I made a a hole in a powdered donut hole and then slipped a straw through it.
Using edible food markers (yes, such a thing really exists!), I dotted the donuts to make the eyes and the nose.

I brought these in to school for a teacher birthday along with a Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  (I transported them with the heads off, lids on, in a cooler, on ice.)  Even my 7th grader asked if he could have an extra for lunch!

This is one way to get your kids to drink their milk!


  1. Very cute and a great photo of the girl my son is in love with. :-)