Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Time for Giving

Around this time of year, I like to take my kids to our local charity center.  Not only does it provide a hands on lesson in giving, but it also serves as a reality check.  My kids need to know that they are blessed and that even though they may not have a cell phone or an itouch, they have it better than most of the people in this world!  It's been said that the antidote to materialism is giving.  It's amazing how this trip shortens the Christmas list!

When we think of what to give, I try to make it personal to the kids.  Once again this year, the kids pooled their Halloween candy together.  It weighed a whopping 13 pounds!  Is it just me, or are the candy piles getting bigger?

With all that candy they made over 100 goody bags that the charity will use as part of its Christmas program.  The addition of cheese crackers and a small toy rounded out the bag.

For Anna's Birthday this year, she collected items to make "birthday boxes".  Instead of gifts, her party guests brought cake mixes, frosting, birthday plates and napkins, sprinkles, plastic forks, balloons and small toys.  If a parent comes to the food center and their child is having a birthday, they will receive a complete "Birthday in a Box"!  Thanks to Publix grocery store for donating ten cake boxes in which we placed all the components!

What a great way to celebrate a birthday - by making someone else's birthday special, too!

This year the kids donated 100 goody bags and 10 birthday boxes.  
As you can see, the givers' smiles are as big as the receiver's!

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