Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ella Dancing Barefoot in the Spring

When the hot, humid days of summer linger
and the crisp, cool days of autumn
hold nothing but empty promises,

I remember the first days of spring. 

I remember days when I longed
for the warmth 
of the summer sun.

I remember when daffodils 
forced their bright heads
through the cold and sleepy earth
and sweet-smelling air
rushed in like breaths of freedom

I remember when tender feet
once hibernating in winter shoes
 felt the first soft blades of grass

I remember Ella dancing Barefoot in the Spring.


  1. Ella is so pretty in pink! We look forward to seeing you again soon - Autumn must mean Christmas is coming soon, right?

  2. What a beautiful post Rachel! Mom and I have just spent some time getting caught up. Looking forward to trying some of the turkey recipes...and as always simply loooove all of the photo's and captions!