Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 5 - The Road Less Traveled

This morning, I picked up Anna from a sleepover on "the other side" of the highway - the side of the highway where neighborhoods scatter and remnants of a countryside past remain.  It made me think.  Isn't it interesting how beauty is more apparent when we veer from our well-worn path?  Our senses fine tune from a different point of view?  Following are a few of the new things we saw on our way home.

And then this.....A BOOK SALE!

A local library was clearing out the old....

..... to make room for the new!

We came home with a pile of summer reading (without the late fees!)
We agreed to donate the books to the school library come fall.


Book Sale:  $6.50 for a stack of books and 2 drinks from the Girl Scouts
(At 10AM it was already sultry!)
Gas:  $25 (The inevitable)
Groceries:  $48.59

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