Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 19 - Big Daddy Brownies

Father's Day, as we celebrate it, normally involves a special meal with some delicious dessert.  This year, inspired by my friend Rebecca's RoloRoldGold cookies, I decided to create a personalized dessert involving his favorite candy bar - Snickers!  Unfortunately, when it came time to make the cookies, I realized I had no BUTTER, so the girls and I resorted to Big Daddy Snicker Bar BROWNIES!

I scoured the freezer for the goods and found THIS MANY Snicker bars hidden away.  It's not that he eats that many, it's just that he keeps BUYING them! (For camping, fishing, or any other certified man occasion.)

I began to chop them up, and then, feeling a little remorse that he might actually look for these someday, I put two full-sized bars back in the freezer.

I added the chopped up Snickers to the batter and called in my helpers.

And what do you need to go with something so sweet and gooey?  

ICE CREAM, of course!


Gas:  $38.60


  1. First, hahaha to the number of Snickers found in your freezer. Are they in there cause you're hiding them from him???

    Secondly, YUUUUUM!!!!! I think I have some stray Snickers sitting around the cabinet- and I just happened upon YET ANOTHER brownie mix. (Don't laugh, I used three different brand brownie mixes to make the a half-sheet of brownies for the recital on Saturday. I should have kept the Ghiradelli one separate- though I did throw in some Valrhona unsweetened cocoa and a few handfuls of chocolate chips to deepen the flavor.)

    I'm salivating. Seriously.

  2. First, I think I will call you the brownie mix doctor. Adding Valrhona cocoa and extra chips to a mix is a great idea!

    Secondly, the brownies were seriously decadent - especially since you are a nut enthusiast!

    Thirdly, everything worth saving goes in the freezer. It keeps forever in there, right?

  3. this is funny because I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just wrote about Big Daddy, aka Aaron McCargo, Jr.

  4. What a small world we live in! Hope these Big Daddy Brownies out-perform the Food Network Star!