Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Cup of Poetry

It's an anticipated event of the year - the elementary school gifted writers poetry reading.  It's a moment when young students are transformed from bright-eyed 2nd through 5th graders into peers with the likes of Robert Frost, Carl Sandberg and Langston Hughes.  This year was no exception.

The event began with professional poetry reader, Marty Barrett of Young Audiences.  He introduced an audience participation game he called "Guess the Master!"   During the game he read a group of poems that had a common theme.  Three of the poems were written by students in the room and one was written by a "master poet".  Was it a fourth grader - or Robert Frost?  He read all the poetry with such extraordinary expression that the audience just couldn't seem to win.  The real winners?  The students.  This awesome affirmation of their written words was equalled only by the affirmation they received each day in the classroom from their creative writing teacher, Mrs. Harris.

Next, the students recited a selection of their own poetry,

Followed by delicious and beautifully displayed treats.

Anna and Marty Barrett of Young Audiences

Anna and friend Abigail

T.S. Elliot once said that "Poetry is the language of the heart."  If this is true, here is a look into the heart of Anna.

by Anna, 3rd Grade

Yellow is the taste of a banana.
the sound of silence - this is yellow.
Sun shining on the beach and a warm blanket
and fresh air feel yellow.
Yellow is a gentle voice.
A leaf in the fall is the color of yellow.
It is happiness.
Yellow is a shooting star,
the smell of flowers, and a cozy bed.
A loving family is yellow.
Yellow is thinking of your best friend.
Yellow is your birthday party 
and finishing your homework.
Yellow is a smile on your face.


  1. Anna, I love your poem - and as you know, I love yellow!

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