Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Day the Daffodils Bloom

When the grass is still brown and the trees stand tall with their bare silhouette against a grey winter sky, the daffodils dare to push themselves through the cold dirt, bringing us a first glimpse of spring, a warm glow of sunshine against the cool earth.

My daughter, Arielle, was born on this day - the day the daffodils bloom.  That’s our story.  When we went to the hospital, seven years ago, daffodil greens were barely noticeable beneath the weeping river birch in our front yard.  When we came home a few days later, a sea of yellow greeted us, welcoming our little girl into the world.  Arielle, these flowers bloom for you.

Footnote:  This picture would have been posted earlier, but shortly before I got my camera ready, little sister proudly handed me a bouquet of every blooming flower!  

Note to Self:  This fall, plant more daffodils!

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