Saturday, March 20, 2010


On Thursday we celebrated both a birthday and the Fine Arts Festival at school with one of our "traditional" trips to Bruster’s Ice Cream.  Because these events landed on a Thursday, the treat got even better.  Bruster's Thursday special is a half-price banana split when you bring your own banana!  When it’s half-price banana split night, even my ever frugal husband doesn’t complain that he could have bought three gallons of ice cream for the price of a few cones.  With impeccable timing, we arrived at Bruster's to find a rare, short line.  By the time we (the six of us) were done ordering, the line of people stretched to the curb.  The treats were enjoyed by all.

We love to celebrate the little things – another birthday, a first grade blue ribbon.  Blue ribbon or not, these are the masterpieces that I will proudly frame and hang on my walls.  This is the art that makes me smile.  To see the world through your child’s eyes and hands, nothing is more beautiful than that.

Blue Ribbon "Farmscape" by Arielle

"Self Portrait" by Arielle

"Toucan" by Anna

"Self Portrait" by Anna

"Self Portrait" by Ella

"Self Portrait" by Samuel

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